Volume 46: Mechthild Wenzel (Melodien Jacob Hintzes zu Texten von Paul Gerhardt): Musical transcriptions

Mechthild Wenzel, “. . . Unanständige Melodien heraußgelassen: Die Editio XXIV der Praxis Pietatis Melica, Berlin,” in Jahrbuch für Liturgik und Hymnologie 46 (2007).

The settings are from the Cantus/Bass and Alto/Tenor volumes of Editio XXIV (1690). They are transcribed as four-voice settings using the keys and notation in common use today. Obvious typographical errors are corrected. The text of the first stanza of each hymn is added in the version of the Evangelisches Gesangbuch, or more specifically, with careful renderings into today’s language. The figured bass has been transcribed as given, even where Hintze does not follow it in the setting or where it is possibly incorrect.

Transcribed by Mechthild Wenzel.


  • E1, E2, etc.: electronic publication
  • N1, N2, N3: published version in the musical appendix of the Jahrbuch article

Musical transcriptions

  • Musical transcriptions: Capella (ZIP archive)
  • Musical transcriptions: PDF (ZIP archive)