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Quality in the Hymn: September 7–9, 2020

In Herborn Castle (conference center of the Evangelical Church of Hesse-Nassau)

The questions of reception and function play a large, often decisive role, in hymns today. That is justified, but it should not be forgotten that criteria for inner quality are also needed. There are different levels of these: formal, musical, linguistic, poetic, theological, and they vary in particulars depending on the era and stylistic genre.

The goal of the conference is to structure and make concrete this field of discussion, in regard to both the everyday use of hymns and the compilation of collections or future hymnbooks.

The cost of participation will be about 200 euros. Available space is limited, so early registration is recommended (see the address below).

For the planning committee,
Dr. Andreas Marti

Könizstraße 252, CH-3097 Liebefeld
+41 79 208 37 45