About us

The International Society for Hymnological Studies (IAH) is a network for the encouragement of and research into congregational singing in theory and practice. It is international, interconfessional, and interdisciplinary.


The academic investigations of the IAH focus on hymns and hymnals and on everything related to them in both theory and practice.


The members of the IAH live and work all over the world. The IAH maintains contact with other international societies. Sister societies include the Hymn Society of Great Britain and Ireland (HSGBI) and the Hymn Society in the United States and Canada (HSUSC).


Many church bodies are represented in the IAH and enrich each other through cooperative work.


The various aspects of hymn and hymnal research occupy researchers, teachers, and practitioners from a wide range of academic disciplines, including church music, theology, literature, linguistics, musicology, history, bibliography, folklore, sociology, and psychology.

Articles of Association, Rules of Procedure, and Privacy Statement (only in German yet)