Keynote lectures

The keynote lectures are scheduled thematically on four mornings. Please note that the lecture topics are provisional working titles.

Czechia (part 1) – Tuesday, July 30th

  • The hymnal of 1501: A still unknown witness to the beginnings of Czech lay singing (PhDr. Eliška Baťová, dipl. um) – Lecture in English
  • Sources of Hussite liturgy from the 15th century (doc. PhDr. Hana Vlhová-Wörner Ph.D.) – Lecture in German
  • The Bohemian Reformation and its music (doc. PhDr. Martin Horyna, Ph.D.) – Vortrag auf Deutsch
  • Bohemian and Moravian literary fraternities and their hymnals in the 16th century (doc. Mgr. Vladimír Maňas, Ph.D.) – Lecture in English

From Bohemia to the World – Wednesday, July 31st

Lecture and interview by and with Rev. Dr. Mikie A. Roberts (World Council of Churches)

Czechia (part 2) – Thursday, August 1st

  • The liturgy of the Unity of the Brethren during the time of Lukas of Prague, ca. 1460–1528 (Doc. Tabita Landová, Ph.D.) – Lecture in English
  • Czech hymnals of the so-called Habrovany Unity, ca. 1530–1537 (Mgr. Marie Hanzelková, Ph.D.) – Lecture in English
  • The Bohemian Reformation of the 16th century (Mgr. Jiří Just, Th.D.) – Lecture in German
  • Lutheran culture in 16th-century Bohemia and Bohemian-Saxon relations of the Reformation (doc. PhDr. Petr Hlaváček, Ph.D.) – Lecture in English

Hymnody in the digital age – Friday, August 2nd

  • The disruption of an official, national Hymnbook – a problem or a blessing? (Morten Skovsted)
  • Traditional hymnody, congregational song, media ecology and memorial lessons (Prof. Dr. Jonathan Dueck) – Lecture in English