The IAH is linked with the editorship of the Jahrbuch fuer Liturgik und Hymnologie (Yearbook for liturgy and hymnology).

The IAH publishes (once a year as a rule) a bulletin, in which conference papers, reports on the preparation of conferences and on current research projects appear.

Every six months members receive information on organisational matters, conferences and publications in the Mitteilungen (announcements and information) produced by the secretariat.

In the year 1997 the IAH published a multi-lingual ecumenical hymn book with the title ‘UNISONO, oekumenische mehrsprachige Lieder der Christenheit’ (UNISON – ecumenical Christian songs in several languages.) In the meantime it has been superseded by ‘Colours of Grace’ published by the IAH in collaboration with the Gemeinschaft Evengelischer Kirchen in Europa (GEKE) – The community of Protestant churches in Europe.

On the IAH website essays and studies can be made available.