About us

The Internationale Arbeitsgemeinschaft fuer Hymnologie (International Fellowship for Research in Hymnology) brings together people interested in hymnological research and in promoting sacred song. It is international, inter-denominational and inter-disciplinary.

The IAH conducts research into hymns and songs for Christian worship, hymn books, and everything connected with these, whether practical or theoretical.

The members of the IAH live and work throughout the world. The IAH maintains contacts with the hymn societies of other countries; and the Hymn Society of Great Britain and Ireland (HSGBI) and the Hymn Society in the United States and Canada (HSUSC) are sister organisations.

Many different denominations are represented in the membership of the IAH. They enrich each other through mutual co-operation.

People concerned with research, teaching and practical application of hymnology focus on the varied aspects of hymn and hymn-book research. Issues dealt with cover a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines, extending from church music and theology through literature, language and music to history, ethnology, sociology and psychology.