Hymn festival

In the evening of Tuesday, July 30, the traditional “IAH Hymn festival” will take place in the Freylinghausen-Saal.

The Norwegian hymn writer Svein Ørnulf Ellingsen, born on 13 July 1929, is amongst the most prominent living hymn writers of today. 58 of Ellingsen’s hymns are in the most recent Norwegian hymn book (2013). He is also the Scandinavian hymn writer whose hymns have had the most wide-ranging, international resonance. Ellingsen’s hymns are translated into all Nordic languages and he is represented in hymnbooks in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the USA. As a tribute to Svein Ellingsen’s 90th birthday, this year’s hymn evening will focus on a number of Ellingsen’s hymns in different languages. The planning committee is Dr. David Hamnes, Norway and Prof. Jørgen Kjærgaard, Denmark.