Guided tours and exhibition

Guided tours

During the conference the following guided tours will be offered:

  • A tour through the Franckesche Stiftungen surrounding the “Lindenhof” (“lime court”): Freylinghausen-Saal, library, cabinet of wonders, paedagogium.
  • A musical city tour: Music in the Franckesche Stiftungen Ulrichskirche (the domain of Francke und Freylinghausen) Marktkirche Unser Lieben Frauen Moritzkirche Wilhelm-Friedemann-Bach-Haus singing by the Saale.
  • Visit to the Handel-Haus: Thematic introduction “Young Handel in Halle”, followed by an individual tour.


The Stadtsingechor zu Halle is the city’s oldest cultural and educational institution: since the founding of the Augustinian canons’ monastery Neuwerk in 1116, Halle has been a place where school and music education are combined, where boys sing together for their city. If the roots of the choir lie in the Neuwerk Abbey, it was at home in the Lutheran grammar school after the Reformation and later in the Francke Foundations. August Hermann Francke and Johann Anastasius Freylinghausen had developed their own music programme here since the beginning of the 18th century: singing and making music served above all to promote piety and the transport of pietistic theology. A small exhibition will inform about the eventful history and present of the boys’ choir and about the music in the Francke Foundations.

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